Sandy Coble(non-registered)
I love your work! I am currently living in KY and your pictures of the Pine Nut herds take me home to Stagecoach, Silver Springs, Carson, Minden and Gardnerville. I lived in the Stagecoach area and adopted a Virginia Range colt from the LRTC and one of the finest ladies on this earth, Shirley Allen. I do so miss the area and the wild ones. Hope to move back that way soon. Thank you for your pictures and helping to bring an understanding of their lives and what we stand to loose thru the mismanagement of the BLM.
Joseph Facey(non-registered)
Truly amazing Photography!! God has blessed you for your talent and for the subjects he has presented to you!! Thank you!
Tom & Charlotte Guerriero(non-registered)
Great tour this morning, we really enjoyed it.
Cheryl Voss(non-registered)
Love your photography....especially the Pine Nut Horses....would love to purchase Christmas Cards of the Pine Nut Horses if you will be making some this year.
Carla Hall(non-registered)
I enjoy your photos for the Pine Nut valley Wild Horses thank you.
Kim Gill(non-registered)
John, I enjoyed meeting you this past Saturday at the Eagle & Ranch tour of Douglas County. Your work is amazing, the magnets I purchased make my refrigerator look like high Art! I appreciate your willingness to allow me to use your photos for a quilt project I'm just to choose which one(s)!
LaVon Shay(non-registered)
Your photos make my heart swell - thank you for the experience
Jim Mitchell(non-registered)
Really enjoyed your tour this morning. I'm hooked.
Steve Salaber(non-registered)
Great body of work from a very talented artist.
Sally Fite(non-registered)
I saw your photographs on facebook and I want to thank you for capturing the beauty of this valley the way you do. Wonderful photos.
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